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Miss Petula

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Miss Petula runs the village pet shop, Paper Pets. At her shop, you can buy domestic pinatas and accessories to put on your pinatas. She only appears and provides her services in Viva Piñata and Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, with Gretchen Fetchem providing domestic pinatas and accessories in Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise. Also, Petula only sells domestic pinatas at her shop in Viva Piñata, while in Trouble in Paradise she only sells accessories and you have to work on meeting the Appear, Visit and Resident requirements for those pinatas.


In Viva Piñata, the pinatas you can purchase from Petula are Cluckles at level 8, Kittyfloss at level 10, Rashberry at level 12, Barkbark at level 14, Goobaa at level 16, Pudgeon at level 18, Ponocky at level 20, and Moozipan at level 24. If you have the chocolate coins to spare, you can earn the Master Romancer awards for the domestic species by buying seven of each of them from Petula, then selling them back once you have the awards. As for accessories, to purchase them you must first select a resident pinata you'd like to give an accessory to. Then, you look through the various categories and select what you think best suits your pinata. This will make the pinata happier, but some accessories can be more than decorative. Some can help meet Romance requirements, heal pinatas when they get sick, or prompt them to make produce when they're ready to do so. You can also send accessories to friends by using the gift box, or by shipping them a pinata wearing accessories.

Other Info

  • When you first enter Petula's shop, she'll introduce herself by saying that her parents use to run Paper Pets but once she was able to do it herself "they went on a humongous holiday". And sometimes when you leave the shop, Petula will make the statement of "If you see my parents, tell them I do actually need to go home and sleep at some point." This implies that Petula is not running the shop out of her own free will, but rather her parents forced the role onto her by abandoning her once she was capable of supporting herself.
  • If you talk to Leafos, she may tell you that you shouldn't listen to Petula because she always makes things up and gossips. However, this may be a better way to describe Leafos herself, since not everything she tells you is true or has questionable value to it.
  • Petula has pet goldfish that lives in a fish bowl on her head. It is unknown if the fish is a pinata animal native to the island, or a flesh and bone goldfish that we are more use to.

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