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Screen Shot Eaglair.png

Eaglair (Pocket Paradise)

Animal: Eagle

Candy: Eclair

Level: ???

Base Value: 4500 coins

In-Game Description

"The mightiest of the birds of prey, the Eaglair has earned respect through its natural nobility, tempered strength, and thumping great talons."



  • You are a level 9 gardener or better


  • Have 5 different pinata species as residents


  • Have an Oak Tree in the garden
  • Has eaten 4 Buzzenges
  • Have 5 different pinata species in the garden


  • Has eaten 3 Sweetooths
  • Have 2 Oak trees in the garden
  • Have an Eaglair house in the garden

Species Variant

Eaglair Benefits

  • Eating 1 Eaglair helps meet the Tigermisu Romance requirements

Species Conflicts

  • Eaglairs like to hunt and eat Buzzenges

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