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Gretchen Fetchem (Pocket Paradise)

Opening her shop once you reach level 3, Gretchen Fetchem is a hunter. She'll happily track down and capture any pinata species you have already had in your garden. This can be useful for obtaining higher level pinatas, should taming one take too long for your needs.

In Pocket Paradise, Gretchen offers six services:

  • Express Hunts, catches a pinata relatively quickly but costs double that of Standard
  • Standard Hunts, catches a pinata slowly but for a lower price than Express
  • Retrieve Dragonache. This option appears when you send your Dragonache away from your garden, and selecting it will have Gretchen bring the Dragonache back to your garden free of charge
  • Selling Domestic Pinata species
  • Selling Pinata accessories
  • Postal Services


  • Once Gretchen has caught the requested pinata, you will receive an alert and an option to place the pinata will appear
  • If you accidentally had Gretchen catch the wrong species of pinata, you can have her release the pinata
  • If you take too long to claim the pinata, Gretchen will release them back into the wild
  • Buying domestic pinatas from Gretchen is the only way to obtain them in Pocket Paradise
  • Buying accessories for a pinata can increase their happiness, but doing so can also help meet Romance requirements, heal a pinata should they get sick, prompt them to make produce automatically or even perform special actions
  • You can place produce or a Pinata into a postal crate, and send the package to any of your friends' gardens so long as you both have a wifi connection. You can also use the postal service to send produce or pinatas to other gardens of your own

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