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Screen Shot Jeli.png

Jeli (Pocket Paradise)

Animal: Yeti

Candy: Fruit preserves (Also Known as Jelly)

Level: 6

Base Value: 4500 coins

In-Game Description

"A highly elusive creature, sporting a natural shaggy coat that protects it from the most extreme weather conditions."



  • Nighttime in the garden


  • Catch them by whacking them with your Shovel


  • Have 500 square pinometers of long grass (50%)
  • Has eaten 10 Rainbow Gems
  • Have a Jeli house in the garden

Species Variant

  • Feeding a Banana Split to a Jeli changes their color to red and yellow

Other Info.

  • Note, there is a one Jeli per game file limit. In order to obtain a second to achieve romancer and master romancer status you must use the options menu, and select "Copy Game." Then use the Post Office feature Gretchen offers to send the Jeli from the duplicate file to the original.
  • Crating up a Jeli and sending them to someone else's Nintendo DS earns the player a certificate.

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