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Screen Shot Robean.png

Animal: Robin

Candy: Jellybean

Level: 3

Base Value: 600 coins

Attack: Christmas Ornaments

In-Game Description

"This cheeky little piñata adds a splash of colour to the frozen wastes of Piñata Island. No matter how cold and bleak, the Robean is always cheery and full of bounce. How irritating."

Trick Requirements

  • Eating a Hazel Tree seed makes them perform Trick 1
  • Eating a Hazelnut makes them perform Trick 2

Species Variants

  • Eating a Carrot changes their color to orange
  • Eating a Gooseberry Fool changes their color to blue
  • Eating a Fireweed flower changes their color to purple

Species Conflicts

  • Robeans are scared of and will run away from almost all predators

Happiness Tips

  • Robeans love eating Holly Berries
  • Robeans dislike being watered with the Watering Can

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