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Screen Shot Bonboon.png

Animal: Baboon, but has the appearance of a Mandrill

Candy: Bonbon

Level: 10

Base Value: 3600 coins

Attack: Coconuts

In-Game Description

"Red is nature's warning color. Danger! Beware! So, perhaps the Bonboon eats a lot of curried beans?"

Bonboon Benefits

  • Will stop fights between pinatas

Species Conflicts

  • Jameleons are scared of and will run away from Bonboons
  • Jameleons will not visit your garden if one or more Bonboons are residents
  • Bonboons will start fights with a Cinnamonkey if one is nearby

Sour Version

Screen Shot Sour Bonboon.png

"Dagger-like fangs, a powerful muscled body, and a mean streak as wide as the Congo, it's hard to believe this creature is a member of the cheeky, fun-loving family we call Cinnamonkeys."

As a sour, the Bonboon will start fights between pinatas and destroy plants. If you tame them, the Bonboon will stop fights between pinatas.

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