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Screen Shot Storkos.png

In-Game Description

"Storkos appears after your pinatas have had a romance dance, to bring you the new egg."


"The third child of Jardiniero and his wife. Born at sea, she was a bit of a surprise for the wife, who named her after the storks that flew with the ship from harbor to harbor. Storkos would always pretend to fly on the ship and said that someday she would fly like the birds. Storkos learned about superheroes by reading the sailors' comic books, and always wanted to be one. On Pinata Island, eggs appear on Egg Mountain as soon as pinatas are done romancing. One day, Storkos started delivering the eggs directly to all of the pinatas' homes, saving them the arduous journey. After that Storkos was a hero!"

Other Info.

  • If you speak to Leafos, she'll say that Storkos is like a Buzzlegum because technically she shouldn't be able to fly
  • According to Leafos, Storkos had to stop eating eggs for breakfast to make sure she doesn't eat her deliveries
  • Leafos doesn't see her sister as a "superhero"

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