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Screen Shot Lickatoad.png

Lickatoad (Pocket Paradise)

Animal: Named after the Toad but is more aquatic like a Frog

Candy: Licorice

Level: 4

Base Value: 600 coins

In-Game Description

"Do you know who started those stories about Lickatoads turning into princes after kissing pretty girls? Lickatoads did! Lock them away, then pass me the wart cream please."



  • You are a level 4 gardener or better


  • You have 10 square pinometers of water (1%)


  • You have 20 square pinometers of water (2%)
  • Has eaten 1 variant Taffly


  • Has eaten 1 Green Flutterscotch
  • Have a Lickatoad house in the garden

Species Variants

  • Feeding a Bluebell seed to a Lickatoad changes their color to purple

Species Conflicts

  • Lickatoads will start fights with a Newtgat if one is nearby


  • Having 4 Lickatoad residents in the garden helps meet the Crowla Visit requirements
  • Eating 1 Lickatoad helps meet the Syrupent Romance requirements
  • Eating 1 Lickatoad and 1 variant Lickatoad fulfills the Crowla Resident requirements
  • Feeding a Nightshade Berry to a Lickatoad, then hitting them with your Shovel before they fall ill, turns them into a Lackatoad

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