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Screen Shot Shellybean.png

Animal: Snail

Candy: Jellybean

Level: 3

Base Value: 600 coins

Attack: Stopwatches

In-Game Description

"Now I'm all for security, but surely the Shellybean goes a step too far. It has a shell on its back, and it needs another house to sleep in at night. Just imagine them all inside, not talking to each other, curled in their individual shells."

Shellybean Benefits

  • A tamed Shellybean will eat weed seeds

Happiness Tips

Sour Version

Screen Shot Sour Shellybean.png

"Everyone thinks that they know all about this sour Pinata. They treat it too casually, because everyone knows Shellybeans move so slowly. Don't complain when your seeds start dissapearing, and remember I tried to warn you."

As a sour, the Shellybean will eat your seeds! When you tame one, the Shellybean will eat weed seeds.

Other Info.

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