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Screen Shot S'morepion.png

Animal: Scorpion

Candy: S'mores

Level: 5

Base Value: 1500 coins

Attack: Sneakers

In-Game Description

"If you have these Pinatas in your garden, make sure you check your boots before starting work. S'morepions love the cosy confines of footwear to nap in, and they will sting you if you threaten to crush them with your feet. Better still, they like to keep in practice with their stings - and a Ruffian is a good target."

Species Conflict

  • S'morepions will start fights with an Arocknid if one is nearby

Sour Version

Screen Shot Sour S'morepion.png

"Sour S'morepions only sting when they are in a bad mood. Unfortunately, no-one ever remembers a sour S'morepion's birthday, and when it has a new haircut, no-one ever takes the time to say how nice it looks, so it's pretty ticked off most the time."

As a sour, S'morepions will sting your pinatas and make them unhappy. Once tamed, S'morepions will attack Ruffians and deal with any weeds in your garden.



  • You are a level 12 gardener or better
  • Can only be found in the Dessert Desert


  • Any bait will do


  • Have 5 square pinometers of sand (5%)
  • Has eaten 2 Buzzlegums

Other Info

  • To receive the visit award for the S'morepion, you'll need to trap one in the Dessert Desert and then place them in your garden. However, they will only appear in the Dessert Desert once you've tamed a sour one.

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