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Screen Shot Zumbug.png

Zumbug (Pocket Paradise)

Animal: Zebra

Candy: Humbugs

Level: 6

Base Value: 3600 coins

In-Game Description

"Exotic, elegant and with a striking appearance, the Zumbug is so much more than a stripey Horstachio. It's also one of the favorite snacks of jungle predators!"



  • Feeding a blackberry to a Horstachio turns them into a Zumbug.


Species Variant

  • Feeding a Water Lily to a Zumbug changes their color to pink

Zumbug Benefits

  • Having 5 Zumbug residents helps meet the Roario visit requirements
  • Eating 1 Zumbug helps meet the Roario Resident requirements
  • Eating 1 variant Zumbug helps meet the Roario Resident requirements

Species Conflicts

  • A Zumbug will start fights with a Chewnicorn, Horstachio, and Ponocky if one is nearby

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