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Milking Shed
Bottle of Milk

Screen Shot Flapyak.png

Animal: Yak

Candy: Pancakes (sometimes called flapjacks in North America)

Level: 6

Base Value: 2100 coins

Attack: Blue glass shards

In-Game Description

"This Piñata is a cousin to the Moozipan. Where the Moozipan enjoys gossip, the Flapyak prefers peace and quiet. Although the Flapyak may be considered to be more difficult to make resident than the Moozipan, you should find it's just as productive. Warm up the milking shed!"

Species Variants

  • Feeding a Blueberry to a Flapyak changes their color to blue
  • Feeding a Chili to a Flapyak changes their color to red
  • Feeding a Watercress to a Flapyak changes their color to green

Species Conflicts

  • Flapyaks are scared of and will run away from Tigermisus, and Roarios

Happiness Tips

  • Flapyaks like to eat Daisies
  • Flapyaks don't like to eat Fir Cones

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