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Screen Shot Rashberry.png
  • Animal: Pig
  • Candy: Raspberry
  • Level: 5
  • Base Value: 1500 coins
  • Attack: Pork Chops

In-Game Description

"Round and wobbly, pink and jolly, a Rashberry is an animal that hasn't realized just how tasty it looks. When it's scared, it makes a cool squealing noise, which only encourages cruel people."

Species Conflicts

  • Rashberries will start fights with a Pigxie if one is nearby

Other Info

  • You can get a Pigxie by cross romancing a Rashberry with a Swanana. Just buy a Mystery House from Willy Builder, meet the Romance requirements for both pinatas, give them a Joy candy for good measure, then send them to each other to romance.
  • If you speak with Leafos, she may tell you one of two rumors about Rashberries. One is that if you feed 10 Pumpkins to a Rashberry, they'll turn into a Chippopotamus. The other is that if you feed 10 Tafflies to a Rashberry, they'll turn into a Pigxie. Both of these are false.


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