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Screen Shot Vulchurro.png

Animal: Vulture

Candy: Churro

Level: 6

Base Value: 2100 coins

Attack: Skulls

In-Game Description

"Vulchurros tend to have a bad name, but if you think about it, they are planet savers. They are a totally organic, completely natural, self-contained, recycling plant. You don't even need to take the 'trash' out, they will come to you."



  • You are a level 12 gardener or better
  • Can only be found in the Dessert Desert


  • Vulchurros like something that'll make them sweat, like Chili peppers


  • Have 15 square pinometers of sand (15%)
  • Has eaten 2 bones
  • Has eaten a Crowla


  • Has eaten 2 jellies
  • Have 20 square pinometers of sand (20%)
  • Have a Cactus in the garden
  • Have a Vulchurro house in the garden


  • Eating a Cactus flower makes them perform Trick 1
  • Eating a Buzzenge makes them perform Trick 2

Species Variants

  • Eating a Bluebell seed changes their color to blue
  • Eating a Pea changes their color to green
  • Eating a Water Lily flower changes their color to light purple

Species Conflicts

  • Vulchurros will get into fights with Sprinklings

Other Info

  • Vulchurros are not available in Just for Fun mode

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