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Screen Shot Oak Tree.png

Oak Tree (Pocket Paradise)

Produces: Acorns

Level: 8

Base Value: ??? coins

Fertilizer: N/A

Seed Price: 275 coins

Acorn Price: 550 coins

In-Game Description

"The most impressive, mighty and enormous tree you will ever see in your garden. Be warned that you need patience, care and lots of water before you will ever see the oak at its full potential."



  • You can purchase oak seeds and acorns from Costolot's General Store, or try talking with Seedos to get an oak seed.


  • Tree needs to be planted in grass, soil, or long grass



  •  ???


  • Feeding an acorn to a Cluckles changes their color to light green
  • Eating 2 acorns helps meet the Romance requirements for the Elephanilla and Pigxie

Oak Tree

  • Having 1 Oak tree in the garden helps meet the Eaglair Resident requirements
  • Having 2 Oak trees in the garden helps meet the Eaglair Romance requirements

Other Info.

  • The trunk of the Oak tree bears the likenesses of all the original pinatas that appeared in the first game.

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