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Screen Shot Hogurt.png

Animal: Warthog

Candy: Yogurt

Level: 6

Base Value: 2100 coins

Attack: Doughnuts

In-Game Description

"Beauty experts will tell you that the way to get an amazing complexion is to use mud masks. This Piñata loves mud, but you wouldn't really use it as an example of the benefits of using mud packs."

When you feed a piece of cheesecake to a Rashberry, they turn into a Hogurt (earning the player an achievement).

Trick Requirements

Species Variants

  • Eating a Buttercup flower changes their color to yellow
  • Eating a Tulip flower changes their color to dark violet
  • Eating a Carrot changes their color to pink

Species Conflicts

  • Hogurts are scared of and will run away from Mallowolfs

Happiness Tips

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