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In-Game Description

"Jardiniero was the original owner of the garden that you are given to bring back to its former glory. Jardiniero will give you upgrades to your title, Shovel, and garden space as you increase in level."


"Jardiniero was the best gardener on Pinata Island. He could grow any plant and could attract any pinata, except for one. During his first year at the garden he met his future wife, a ship hand. This was before the time of Pinata Central and pinatas had to be carried by boats to the parties. They got married and she was able to stay on the island for one year before the shipping duties called her back to the sea. Over time they had four children, in order of birth, Stardos, Leafos, Storkos, and Seedos. Jardiniero had a pupil, Lester, that he would teach as his student helped around the garden, unfortunately his student did not seem to help. The Master Gardener would always find his student not doing his work and creating evil black and red paste. One day Jardiniero had a talk with Lester who said that he just heard of the location of the Dragonache egg. This was Jardiniero's dream, he soon set out with his wife to the secret island that the egg was said to be at..."

Other Info.

  • After you get to a certain level, Leafos will tell you that Jardiniero has been saying nice things about you, but not to tell him that she told you so

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