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Doc Patchingo

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Screen Shot Doc Patchingo.png

Doc Patcgingo

Doc Patchingo is the village doctor. He is on call 24 hours a day to heal your sick pinatas. After you have visited his shop once, you can call him to your garden by selecting a sick pinata and pressing the "Call" option.

Ways Pinatas Get Sick

  • Eating red and black candy that sour pinatas and ruffians leave around (a special audio clip plays to let you know when a sour candy drops in your garden, and you need to smash the sour candy with your Shovel to safely get rid of it)
  • Losing a fight to another pinata
  • Eating weed plants, like the Toadstool
  • Getting whacked with the shovel
  • Not having enough room to roam

Consequences of Getting Sick

  • It will cost 10% of the sick pinata's value to be healed by Doc Patchingo
  • If the pinata is sick for too long, Dastardos will come and break the sick pinata with his stick, this will return the pinata to the wild and lose any accessories they had on

Other Info.

  • Doc Patchingo's emergency vehicle has a license plate that says "DOC 1"
  • If you look carefully, you can see that Doc Patchingo wears glasses under his mask

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