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Screen Shot Syrupent.png

Animal: Serpent (Grass snake)

Candy: Syrup

Level: 2

Base Value: 300 coins

Attack: Dice

In-Game Description

"The only thing the Syrupent has in common with the less reputable members of its family is its shape. 'What kind of snake is that?' you might say. The best kind."

Other Info.

  • A Syrupent will start fights with a Badgesicle, if one is nearby
  • If you romance two Syrupents and then treat the egg carefully, you'll get a Twingersnap. In Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise this is done by poking the egg with your Shovel until green smoke rises from the egg before hatching. In the other games, this is done by waiting for the egg to make three large bounces and then hitting the egg with your shovel right after the third bounce.

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