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Screen Shot Syrupent.png

Syrupent (Pocket Paradise)

Animal: Serpent (Grass snake)

Candy: Syrup

Level: 2

Base Value: 300 coins

In-Game Description

"The only thing the Syrupent has in common with the less reputable members of its family is its shape. 'What kind of snake is that?' you might say. The best kind."



  • You have 10 square pinometers of grass (1%)


  • You have 10 square pinometers of grass (1%)


  • You have 50 square pinometers of grass
  • Has eaten 1 Mousemallow


  • Has eaten 1 Lickatoad
  • You have 100 square pinometers of grass
  • Have a Syrupent house in the garden

Species Variant

  • Feeding a Buttercup flower to a Syrupent changes their color to gold


  • Having 5 Syrupent, or evolutions, residents helps meet the Macaraccoon Visit requirements
  • Defeating 3 Syrupents, or their evolutions, in a fight helps meet the Macaraccoon Resident requirements
  • Losing a fight against a Syrupent, Twingersnap, or Fourheads helps meet the Sour Bonboon Taming requirements

Other Info.

  • A Syrupent will start fights with a Badgesicle, if one is nearby
  • If you romance two Syrupents and then poke their egg with your Shovel before it hatches, you will see a green smoke arise from the egg. Once the egg hatches you will have a Twingersnap

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