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Screen Shot Dragumfly.png

Animal: Dragonfly

Candy: Gum

Level: 7

Base Value: 2800 coins

Attack: Helicopters

In-Game Description

"The Dragumfly is a master of flight. It can hover over or skim the water, which is even more amazing when you consider how large it is. A little known fact is that its four wings and 'Tally Ho!' call inspired 1940s pilots."

Species Conflicts

  • Buzzlegums are scared of and will run away from Dragumflies
  • Dragumflies will start fights with Reddhotts if they are nearby

Other Info

  • If you speak with Leafos, she may tell you one of two rumors about Dragumflies. One is that if you become a Dragumfly Master Romancer, a Dragonache will appear in the garden. The other is that if you feed a Pudgeon a Dragumfly, they'll turn into a Buzzenge. Both of these are false.

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