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Screen Shot Galagoogoo.png

Animal: Galago (Bush Baby)

Candy: Goo Goo Cluster

Level: 9

Base Value: 4500 coins

Attack: Pacifiers

In-Game Description

"Did the Galagoogoo sit in thorn bushes once too often? Even now, scientists are coming to blows to decide if this animal is nocturnal because it has huge eyes or if it grew huge eyes because it couldn't get up in the day."

Other Info

  • If you speak with Leafos, she may tell you a rumor that Galagoogoos like sunglasses. While giving accessories to pinatas does increase their happiness, it is uncertain if Galagoogoos like the Sunglasses accessory more so than others.
  • Galagoogoos can climb trees
  • Sometimes, Galagoogoos can be seen sleeping with one eye open

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