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Trick Stick

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The Trick Stick is a tool introduced in Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise that can be used to teach your pinatas to do tricks. Each pinata species can learn two unique tricks, one that involves them doing something themselves and a second one that involves using their attack object. To teach them tricks, feed the pinata a specific produce then wave the Trick Stick around the pinata while they're performing the trick. Once the pinata has learned the trick, you can use the Trick Stick to make them perform it again without having to eat any produce.

Additionally, you can use the Trick Stick on pinata cocoons to instantly free them. Poking the cocoon with the Trick Stick causes the pinata to permanently stay at their current size. You can poke the cocoon before, during, or after it grows in size to have a permanently small, medium, or large adult pinata.

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