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Willy Builder

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Willy Builder

Willy is available to build new houses for your pinata residents, or other special buildings.

All pinatas need a place to call home. Housing provides a safe and private space for pinatas, where they can rest or romance. In fact, building a house for a species is always going to be one of the Romance requirements.

Housing for a specific pinata species won't become available from Willy until one of that species becomes a resident, in the case of the Mystery Home for the Pigxie both the Rashberry and Swanana must have been residents.

Each species of pinata has it's own unique style of house that no other species can enter. After you place the desired housing piece, Willy will come on over to the garden to build it. Once he is finished, you can use your Shovel to smash the temporary construction barrier, and reveal your pinata's new home.

Selling a house lowers the happiness for all pinatas of that species. If you sell a house that has an unhatched egg, the egg will be destroyed.

You can also buy Special Buildings that can be used for specific tasks, like collecting produce from pinatas.

Other Info.

  • Willy Builder is Costolot's husband, and according to Leafos, he can get so "cluckle-pecked" by Costolot that he sits in the shed so she can watch exactly what she wants on TV
  • When speaking with Willy, he will sometimes raise his voice suddenly, possibly a result of his hearing being affected by working with loud, noisy equipment and tools
  • When entering or exiting his shop, Willy may warn you about the broken door frame or uneven floor

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