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Screen Shot Juicygoose.png

Animal: Goose

Candy: Juicy Juice

Level: 5

Base Value: 1500 coins

Attack: Feathers

In-Game Description

"Juicygeese can be used instead of guard Barkbarks. This suggests that Juicygeese are belligerent, but in fact they just want to appear useful. Useful animals don't tend to end up roasted, with gravy... and mashed potatoes, yum!"

Happiness Tips

  • Juicygeese like being sprinkled with water with the Watering Can
  • Juicygeese like eating Gooseberries

Species Conflicts

  • Juicygeese will start fights with Quackberries and Swananas if they are nearby
  • Juicygeese are scared of and will run away from Cocoadiles
  • Newtgats are scared of Juicygeese and will not appear if one is a resident in the garden

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