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Screen Shot Chili.png

Chili (Pocket Paradise)

Level: 3

Base Value: ??? coins

Fertilizer: Red

Seed Price: 20 coins

Chili Price: ??? coins

In-Game Description

"Chilies share their color with fire engines. The engine is famous for stopping fires, while the chili will start one in the mouth of anything that is brave or foolish enough to eat it."



  • You can purchase chili seeds or chilies from Costolot's General Store, or try talking with Seedos to get a chili seed


  • Vegetable needs to be planted in soil

Best Growth

  • Use 3 applications of red fertilizer immediately after planting, for maximum effect



  • Eating 2 chili seeds helps meet the Salamango Romance requirements
  • Feeding a chili seed to a Horstachio changes their color to red


  • 5 chilies in the garden helps meet the Limeoceros Visit requirements
  • Feeding a chili to a Newtgat turns them into a Salamango
  • Feeding a chili to a Chewnicorn changes their color to yellow
  • Feeding a chili to a Fudgehog or Sherbat changes their color to red
  • Eating 1 rotten chili helps meet the Rashberry Romance requirements
  • Eating 2 chilies helps meet the Elephanilla Romance requirements
  • Eating 3 rotten chilies helps meet the Reddhott Romance requirements
  • Eating 5 chilies helps meet the Limeoceros Resident requirements

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