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Apple Tree (Pocket Paradise)

Produces: Apples

Level: 3

Base Value: 280 coins

Fertilizer: N/A

Seed Price: 50 coins

Apple Price: 100 coins

In-Game Description

"Lots of creatures like to eat apples, and this is the most efficient way to get them fresh. This tree may be small, easy to grow and cheap to get hold of, but it is worth its weight in apples."



  • You can purchase apple seeds or apples from Costolot's General Store, or try talking with Seedos to get an apple seed.


  • The tree needs to be planted in dirt, grass, or long grass


Apple Seed

  • Eating 1 apple seed helps meet the sour Shellybean Taming requirements


  • Apples can be sold for 20 chocolate coins
  • Apples can be transformed into toffee apples
  • Eating 3 fruits of any kind helps meet the Raisant Resident requirements
  • Eating 8 apples helps meet the Horstachio Resident requirements
  • Eating 1 piece of fruit of any kind helps meet the White Flutterscotch Romance requirements

Toffee Apple

  • Eating 1 Toffee Apple helps meet the Horstachio Romance requirements
  • Feeding a Toffee Apple to a Badgesicle changes their color to red

Apple Tree

  • Having 1 fruit tree of any kind in the garden helps meet the Raisant Visit requirements

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