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Screen Shot Hemlock.png

Level: 8

Base Value: -360 coins

Fertilizer: N/A

Seed Price: 24 coins

In-Game Description

"Slender stems and pretty white flowers can't disguise this weed. Be warned, this could seriously affect the health of your Pinatas."

Hemlocks spread particularly quickly, and when pinatas eat their flowers they'll spit up sour candy.



  • You can purchase hemlock seeds from Costolot's General Store, using your seed pouch, or Seedos will spread some about if you hit him with your Shovel


  • Weeds will grow anywhere except in water
  • Weeds are more likely to plant themselves and require no watering




  • Eating 1 Hemlock flower helps meet the Fourheads Romance requirements
  • Eating 1 Hemlock flower helps meet the S'morepion Trick requirements
  • Eating 2 Hemlock flowers helps meet the Lackatoad Romance requirements
  • Feeding a Hemlock flower to a Parmadillo changes their color to a blueish white color

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