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Screen Shot Cluckles.png

Animal: Chicken

Candy: Chuckles

Level: 4

Base Value: 1000 coins

Attack: Drumsticks

In-Game Description

"Right from the beginning, scrambled, boiled, or fried; then there's the cute fluffy bit (ahhh); then we dive right back into roast, boiled or fried. How can there be any left?"

Other Info.

  • Cluckles are afraid of and will run away from Pretztails and Sour Macaraccoons
  • Directing a Cluckles to an egg will make them hatch faster, earning the player an achievement. This is also the only way you can hatch a Dragonache egg.
  • If you speak with Leafos, she may tell you a rumor that if a Cluckles eats 5 different colored flowers, they'll turn into a Parrybo. This is false.

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