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Screen Shot Moojoo.png

Animal: Moose

Candy: Jujube

Level: 7

Base Value: 2800 coins

Attack: Candy Canes

In-Game Description

"The Moojoo has stopped going to parties, because if it stands still for a minute, the other guests start piling their coats on its antlers. It was funny for a while, but the next day the poor Moojoo wakes up with a very stiff neck."

Feeding a Fir Tree seed to a Doenut turns them into a Moojoo, earning the player an achievement.

Trick Requirements

  • Eating a Snowdrop seed makes them perform Trick 1
  • Eating a Snowdrop flower makes them perform Trick 2

Species Variants

  • Eating a Buttercup flower changes their color to yellow
  • Eating a Watercress flower changes their color to green
  • Eating a Bluebell flower changes their color to blue

Other Info

  • To receive the visit award for the Moojoo, you'll need to catch one in the Piñarctic and then place them in your garden. However, they will only appear in the Piñarctic once you have evolved one from a Doenut.

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