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Watering Can

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Tin Watering Can

You receive your first Watering Can from Leafos as part of the tutorial. The watering can will be beaten up and can only perform the most basic functions, but it can be upgraded as you level up.

The Watering Can is used to water plants so they don't dry out. The process must first be done by yourself, but later on you can go to Arfur's Inn to hire a Sprinkling helper to help you out with watering.

Your plants will turn yellowy-brown when they get too dry, but watering them before they die will instantly restore them to their best state. But if the plant starts turning blue, you're over watering them which will also kill them. To help make sure that your giving your plant the right amount of water, a Water Meter will appear when you hover over a plant with the watering can active.

When it rains, there will be no need for you to water the plants.

Some pinatas and characters, such as Whirlms or Seedos, will become happier when you sprinkle them with water. In other instances, the watering can can be used to stop pinatas from hunting or fighting with other pinatas. But keep in mind that many pinatas and characters, such as Leafos, don't like to be watered and doing so might just make the situation worse.

You can buy Watering Can upgrades from Costolot's General Store and from Ivor Bargain once he's opened up his shop.

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