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Holly Bush

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Screen Shot Holly Bush.png

Produces: Holly Berries

Level: 2

Base Value: 30 coins

Fertilizer: Red

Seed Price: 7 coins

Produce Price: 30 coins

In-Game Description

"Amidst the dark green, waxy leaves grow some very tasty little red berries. Ideal for the smaller Pinatas that live in colder parts of the island."



  • You can purchase holly bush seeds from Costolot's General Store, use your seed pouch, or try talking with Seedos to get a holly bush seed.


  • Holly bushes need to be planted in snow or soil

Full Growth

  • Apply a single application of red fertilizer immediately after planting the seed, then apply the second when the first set of buds appear, and the third when the second set of buds appear

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