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Screen Shot Fourheads.png

Fourheads (Pocket Paradise)

Animal: Hydra

Candy: Warheads

Level: 8

Base Value: 3600 coins

In-Game Description

"Imagine the intellectual power! Four brains working in unison! A pity that someone skimped on the limbs, or this creature may have been a revolution."



  • Romance two Twingersnaps, then poke the Twingersnap egg with your Shovel until you see green smoke arise from the egg.


Species Variants

  • Feeding a Gooseberry Fool to a Fourheads changes their color to light green


  • Having 5 Syrupent, or evolution, residents in the garden helps meet the Macaraccoon Visit requirements
  • Defeating 3 Syrupents, or evolutions, in a fight helps meet the Macaraccoon Resident requirements
  • Losing a fight against a Syrupent, or evolutions, helps meet the sour Bonboon Taming requirements

Other Info.

  • If you tap a Fourheads over and over with a shovel, it'll burp
  • The Fourheads house will be "sold out" until you reach gardener level 8

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