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Screen Shot Polollybear.png

Animal: Polar Bear

Candy: Lolly (Lollipop)

Level: 8

Base Value: 3600 coins

Attack: Ice Cubes

In-Game Description

"Many years ago, a group of Fizzlybears became fascinated with playing hide and seek. The games got more and more extreme until the whole group had moved up to the snow covered parts of Pinata Island and turned white. Now they are almost invisible most of the time. Technically, they are 'winning' the hide and seek game, but there aren't as many Polollybears as there used to be."

Feeding a Blue Gem to a Fizzlybear turns them into a Polollybear, earning the player an achievement.

Trick Requirements

Species Variants

  • Eating a Dandelion flower changes their color to yellow
  • Eating a Water Lily flower changes their color pink
  • Eating a Gooseberry changes their color to green

Happiness Tips

  • Polollybears dislike eating Snowdrop flowers and gems

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