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Screen Shot Seedos.png

In-Game Description

"Seedos, a character who specializes in seeds, will offer you a seed almost every time you talk with him (up to about 3 to 4 seeds per visit when you talk)."

Seedos is a character that roams your garden and laughs contently at seeing well watered and fertilized plants. If you ever get the chance to talk to him, maybe he'll throw a seed that you may need to attract certain kinds of pinatas. If you're lucky, he may throw a mystery seed. No, they won't grow "Mystery Trees". These are seeds that you have not seen or planted. Plant the seed in the ground and soon you will have a new plant. Once the seed is planted, you can check the Journal to see what your new plant is. If you are unsure about what kind of seed you got but don't want to plant it just yet, you can start the selling process and Costolot will know what type of seed it is. You don't have to complete the selling process if it turns out to be a seed you want or need. As you level up new seeds will become available only from Seedos. Once you have received a seed from Seedos, it will become available for purchase at Costolot's General Store. You can whack Seedos with your Shovel and he will drop multiple seeds at once. However, doing so will cause Seedos to stay away from your garden longer between visits, and when he does return, he'll drop weed seeds everywhere. Talking to Seedos multiple times before he leaves the garden will have the same effect as whacking but without getting weed seeds dropped. Watering Seedos with the Watering Can will make him happy, and may increase your chances of receiving a high value seed. He will also be happy to see plants that have been properly treated with water and fertilizer.


"The youngest of the family. Originally named Sidos, but after a tragic event he changed his name. Possibly the child with the most talent when it comes to gardening, he could grow a plant and communicate with pinatas before he could say 'mommy' or 'daddy'. His favorite pinata is the Shellybean, because a Shellybean family adopted him during a tragic time, and when Pinata Central needed some Shellybeans, Seedos was able to help and gave some to them."

Other Info.

  • When you speak with Leafos, she may ask if you notice a funny smell when Seedos comes to the garden
  • When speaking to Leafos, she might make a remark about how you should "knock some sense" into Seedos to get more seeds, but if you just talk to him instead she'll state that Seedos has been running much faster since you started asking him for seeds
  • Because he was raised by Shellybeans in the swamp Seedos continues to live there, something Leafos doesn't understand

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