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Screen Shot Chocstrich.png

Chocstrich (Pocket Paradise)

Animal: Ostrich

Candy: Chocolate

Level: 7

Base Value: 2800 coins

Attack: Turkey Leg

In-Game Description

"A famously flightless Pinata, with scarily long legs! Particularly scary for whatever it decides to chase down for dinner..."



  • You are a level 7 gardener or better


  • There are 5 Raisants in the garden
  • There are 4 sandwiches in the garden


  • Has eaten 3 Raisants
  • Has eaten 2 sandwiches


  • Has eaten any 5 pieces of fruit
  • Has eaten 1 Red Flutterscotch
  • Have a Chocstrich house in the garden

Species Variant

  • Feeding a Turnip seed to a Chocstrich changes their color to purple

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