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Screen Shot Sherbat.png

Animal: Bat, specifically has the physical traits of a Fruit Bat

Candy: Sherbert

Level: 4

Base Value: 1000 coins

Attack: Headphones

In-Game Description

"When pinatas were just evolving, what would become the Sherbat was developing a taste for extreme sports. For a time, it looked like street-pizza extinction. Then one morning, that freak with the sagging armpits became a Sherbat legend!"

Sherbat Benefits

  • A tamed Sherbat can momentarily distract Dastardos

Sour Version

Screen Shot Sour Sherbat.png

"Flappy, but in a sinister way. This creature of the night is a sour one. Just don't let it get stuck in your hair."

As a sour, a Sherbat will drain your pinatas! When you tame one, the Sherbat will have the ability to momentarily distract Dastardos.

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