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Screen Shot Shovel Head.png Screen Shot Shovel Handel.png

The shovel is the first and one of the most vital tools in the game. Your first shovel is given to you by Leafos, it will be beaten up and can only be used for the most basic functions. As you level up, you can upgrade your shovel to break open pinatas, dig holes to plant seeds, dig ponds, smash rocks and chop down trees.

Some of the main uses for the shovel include:

  • Whack Hard Soil
  • Poke Pinatas
  • Whack Pinatas
  • Tap Objects
  • Smash Objects
  • Dig Holes
  • Dig Ponds
  • Cut Grass

Usually, as you reach certain levels Jardiniero will upgrade your shovel head and handle to improve your performance with the main uses. But once Ivor Bargain opens his shop, you can purchase upgrades that will give your shovel additional uses such as finding buried chocolate coins or dazing Dastardos.

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