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Screen Shot Roario.png

Roario (Pocket Paradise)

Animal: Lion

Candy: Oreo

Level: 10

Base Value: 5500 coins

In-Game Description

"What makes it a Kind of Beasts? Big hair, a heroic jawline, physical strength and occasionally snacking on your subjects."



  • You are a level 10 gardener or better


  • You have 5 Doenut residents in the garden
  • You have 5 Zumbug residents in the garden
  • Your garden is worth 40,000 chocolate coins


  • Has eaten 1 Doenut
  • Has eaten 1 Zumbug
  • Has eaten 1 variant Doenut
  • Has eaten 1 variant Zumbug
  • Your garden is worth 50,000 chocolate coins


  • Your garden is worth 60,000 chocolate coins
  • Is wearing a crown
  • Have a Roario house in the garden

Species Variant

Other Info.

  • The Roario's mane constantly changes color

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