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Screen Shot Goobaa.png

Goobaa (Pocket Paradise)

Animal: Sheep

Candy: Goobers

Level: 4

Base Value: 2310 coins

In-Game Description

"The Goobaa is famous for its accommodating nature and dreams of world peace. Look, even Goobaa wool is almost blond! Must be something to do with the Watercress flowers it loves to eat."



  • The Goobaa is a domestic pinata. You can buy one for 2310 chocolate coins at Gretchen Fetchem's shop in the village once you are a level 3 gardener or higher.


  • Has eaten 1 Water Lily
  • Has eaten 1 Poison Ivy
  • Have 120 square pinometers of long grass (12%)
  • Have a Goobaa house in the garden

Species Variants

  • Feeding a Bluebell to a Goobaa changes their color to blue

Goobaa Benefits

  • Eating 1 Goobaa helps meet the Mallowolf Romance requirements
  • The Goobaas can produce wool. Just buy a Shearing Shed from Willy Builder, then send a Goobaa into it. When the wool has been made, you will need to feed the Goobaa a watercress before they can be sheared again. The Bonnet accessory's effect prompts the Goobaa wearing it to produce wool automatically.

Wool Benefits

Ball of Wool
  • Giving a ball of wool to Ivor Bargain helps him open his shop in the village
  • Eating 1 ball of wool helps meet the Kittyfloss Romance requirements
  • Feeding a ball of wool to a Profitamole changes their color to blue

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