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Screen Shot Leafos.png

In-Game Description

"Leafos would like to help you become a great gardener. Leafos will help by giving you some basic tools, and explaining how to use them. She also gives advice near the beginning of the game. During the game she will wander around your garden during the daytime and you can speak to her to hear some of her advice by selecting "Talk". So don't be afraid to ask her, but beware not everything she says is true. It is also worth noting that Leafos doesn't take kindly to being watered or whacked; temporarily removing the player's watering can or shovel if she deems it necessary!"


"The second child of Jardiniero and his wife. A fast learner and extreme passion for pinatas. She was always helping her father and had a natural talent to soothe pinatas and to know their wants and needs. She began a diary of her experiences in the garden and was always seen carrying it around to add little tid-bits of information. Jardiniero was impressed by the bookkeeping of Leafos and turned the diary into the Journal. The garden Journal was the ultimate resource for Jardiniero and he would frequently look up information to help improve his garden."

Other Info.

  • If Leafos had been born a boy, Jardiniero would have named them "Deedos"

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