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Screen Shot Buzzlegum.png

Buzzlegum (Pocket Paradise)

Animal: Bumblebee

Candy: Bubblegum

Level: 3

Base value: 1000 coins

In-Game Description

"How do Buzzlegums make honey, by feeding them the odd buttercup or two? I mean without the delicious, sweet honey, you're just left with a fat wasp."




  • Have 4 buttercups in the garden


  • Have 6 buttercups in the garden


  • Has eaten any 2 pieces of fruit
  • There is a Buzzlegum house in the garden

Species Variants

Buzzlegum Benefits

  • Eating 1 Buzzlegum helps meet the Dragumfly Romance requirements
  • Eating 2 Buzzlegums helps meet the Arocknid Romance requirements
  • Buzzlegums can be sent to a Honey Hive to make honey

Species Conflicts

  • Buzzlegums will start fights with Raisants if they are nearby
  • Buzzlegums are scared of and will run away from Dragumflies and Arocknids

Honey Production

  • To get honey from a Buzzlegum, simply buy a Honey Hive from Willy Builder, then send a Buzzlegum into it. Once the honey has been made, you will need to feed the Buzzlegum a buttercup before they can make honey again. The Beekeeper Hat accessory will prompt the Buzzlegum to produce honey automatically.

Honey Benefits

Jar of Honey
  • Honey can be sold for 100 chocolate coins
  • Jars of honey can be transformed into bottles of medicine
  • 3 jars of honey or 12 Fir Cones in the garden helps meet the Fizzlybear Visit requirements
  • Eating 1 jar of honey helps meet the Raisant Romance requirements
  • Eating 2 jars of honey helps meet the Fizzlybear Resident requirements

Medicine Benefits

  • Eating 1 bottle of medicine helps meet the Sour Crowla Taming requirements
  • Eating 1 bottle of medicine helps meet the Fizzlybear Romance requirements
  • Feeding a bottle of medicine to a Barkbark, Roario, or Swanana changes their color to pink/purple

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