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Screen Shot Crowla.png

Animal: Crow

Candy: Cola

Level: 5

Base Value: 1500

Attack: Tombstones

In-Game Description

"When you see the Crowla, think less 'dark, sinister, grave robber' and more 'refuse collector.' It may stop that shiver tickling your spine."

Crowla Benefits

Sour Crowla

Screen Shot Sour Crowla.png

"Like a bear trap mixed with a bird, the Sour Crowla looks terrifying. I'm not going to tell you that a Sour Crowla is just misunderstood, because it gives me nightmares."

As a sour, the Crowla will eat sick pinatas! Once you tame a Crowla, they will have the ability to momentarily distract Dastardos.

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