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Screen Shot Tartridge.png

Animal: Partridge

Candy: Tart

Level: 3

Base Value: 600 coins

Attack: Spyglasses

In-Game Description

"This little Pinata seems calm and sensible, but in a party situation it loses its head! After the events of the Pinata Flying Club Christmas party, the Tartridge lost its pilots license. Grounded, and all because of that trick with the egg whisk and a bar of soap. Still, at least the feathers seem to have grown back..."




  • Have 5 Daisies in the garden


  • Has eaten 3 Daisy seeds


  • Has eaten 1 Sweetle
  • Have a Tartridge house in the garden


  • Eating a Radish seed makes them perform Trick 1
  • Eating a Radish makes them perform Trick 2

Species Variants

Tartridge Benefits

  • Having a Tartridge resident in the garden can help meet the Pretztail Visit requirements
  • Eating 1 Tartridge can help meet the Pretztail Resident requirements
  • Eating 1 Tartridge helps meet the Twingersnap Romance requirements
  • Eating 1 Tartridge helps meet the Buzzenge Romance requirements

Happiness Tips

Other Info

  • Tartridges do not appear in Just for Fun mode

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