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Screen Shot Bullrush.png

Bullrush (Pocket Paradise)

Level: 5

Base Value: 280 coins

Fertilizer: Brown

Seed Price: 56 coins

In-Game Description

"The bullrush is a tall reed that grows an unusual fuzzy brown thing at the end of its stem."



  • You can purchase bullrush seeds from Costolot's General Store or try talking with Seedos to get a bullrush seed


  • Flower needs to be planted in water

Best Growth

  • Use 3 applications of brown fertilizer immediatly after planting, for maximum effect



  •  ???


  • 3 bullrush in the garden helps meet the Chippopotamus Visit requirements
  • 12 bullrush in the garden helps meet the Dragumfly Resident requirements
  • Eating 1 bullrush helps meet the Chippopotamus Resident requirements
  • Eating 2 bullrush helps meet the Pigxie Romance requirements
  • Eating 3 bullrush helps meet the Sweetooth Romance requirements

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