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Screen Shot Arfur.png

Arfur Stout (Pocket Paradise)

The owner of Arfur's Inn at the Village, you can speak with him to hire Helpers to help you out in the garden in exchange for chocolate coins.

Other Info.

  • Arfur apparently makes excellent cookies, as they seem to be the main reason why people come to his Inn. When you speak with Leafos, she may speak of this and ponder what it is Arfur puts in his cookies. Arfur doesn't seem to be against giving his cookies away for free either, as when you first come to his Inn he'll make the remark of "So when you buy a drink, the cookies are on the house!"
  • Arfur sometimes hosts darts tournaments at his Inn, which Willy Builder will mention sometimes when you go to his shop in the evening

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