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Screen Shot Cocoadile.png

Animal: Crocodile

Candy: Cocoa

Level: 6

Base Value: 2100 coins

Attack: Teeth

In-Game Description

"After some soothing, the Cocoadile's lethal snout becomes home to nature's largest grin."


  • Directing a tamed Cocoadile to most plants will make them fertilize the plant with their tears, earning the player an achievement

Sour Cocoadile

Screen Shot Sour Cocoadile.png

"The number of creatures that disappear through those jagged jaws is incredible. A more cruel person might say that the Sour Cocoadile almost deserves being turned into luggage!"

As a sour, the Cocoadile will scare your helpers! When you tame them, the Cocoadile will produce Cocoadile tears when directed to a plant.

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