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Screen Shot Dragonache.png

Dragonache (Pocket Paradise)

Animal: Dragon

Candy: Ganache

Level: 9

Base Value: 22,000 coins

Attack: Fire balls

In-Game Description

"The ground shakes as it moves, the trees quiver when it roars, its breath can scorch the earth. Truly incredible but utterly terrible, and all the more desirable for it."



  • Have a mine in your garden and a Candary with a gas mask work in it.



Species Variants

  • Hatching the egg on a specific surface will influence the color of the Dragonache

Other Info.

  • There is only one Dragonache per garden. You can't send one to the Post Office or trade. When a Dragonache is out of their cocoon, you can chose to send them back to egg or baby form

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