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Screen Shot Dragonache.png

Animal: Dragon

Candy: Ganache

Level: 9

Base Value: 22,000 coins

Attack: Fire balls

In-Game Description

"The ground shakes as it moves, the trees quiver when it roars, its breath can scorch the earth. Truly incredible but utterly terrible, and all the more desirable for it."

Other Info.

  • There is only one Dragonache per garden.
  • Dragonaches and their eggs cannot be broken or sold
  • Dragonaches cannot get sick
  • Dragonaches do not have a house, and cannot be romanced
  • Dragonaches cannot wear accessories
  • Dragonaches and their eggs can only be packed up and sent to the Post Office in Trouble in Paradise
  • Gretchen Fetchum cannot hunt down additional Dragonaches for you
  • If you speak with Leafos, she may tell you that if you become a Dragumfly Master Romancer, a Dragonache will appear. This is false

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