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Screen Shot Poppy.png

Poppy (Pocket Paradise)

Level: 3

Base Value: 30 coins

Fertilizer: Red

Seed Price: 7 coins

In-Game Description

"This little flower adds a splash of red to the garden. Poppy down to the shop, and buy some seeds today."



  • You can purchase poppy seeds from Costolot's General Store, or try talking with Seedos to get a poppy seed


  • Flower needs to be planted in grass, soil, or long grass

Best Growth

  • Use 3 applications of red fertilizer immediately after planting, for maximum effect



  • Eating 2 Poppy seeds helps meet the Twingersnap Romance requirements


  • 3 Poppies in the garden help meet the Bispotti Appear requirements
  • 5 Poppies in the garden help meet the Bispotti Visit requirements
  • Eating 1 Poppy helps meet the Taffly Romance requirements
  • Eating 3 Poppies helps meet the Bispotti Resident requirements
  • Feeding a Poppy to an Elephanilla or Rashberry changes their color to red
  • Feeding a Poppy to a White Flutterscotch turns them into a Red Flutterscotch

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