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Screen Shot Newtgat.png

Animal: Named after the Newt but has the appearance of an Axolotl

Candy: Nougat

Level: 4

Base Value: 1000 coins

Attack: Wellington Boots

In-Game Description

"Ever wanted a Jameleon but found out that they were too expensive? Your old Lickatoad is looking tired and out-of-date? Get a Newtgat - functions like a Lickatoad but with all that expensive Jameleon styling that you love."

Species Conflicts

  • Newtgats will start fights with a Lickatoad, if one is nearby
  • Newtgats are scared of and will run away from Pengums, Crowlas, Juicygeese, and Swananas
  • Arocknids are scared of and will run away from Newtgats

Happiness Tips

  • Newtgats love eating Watercress flowers
  • Newtgats like being watered with the Watering Can
  • Newtgats dislike eating Bananas

Other Info.

  • Feeding a Chili to a Newtgat turns them into a Salamango
  • Newtgats can climb trees

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