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Screen Shot Walrusk.png

Animal: Walrus

Candy: Rusk

Level: 7

Base Value: 2800 coins

Attack: Microphones

In-Game Description

"It's a little known fact that the Walrusk is Piñata Island's response to 60's flower power. All the hippies grew their hair long and the Walrusk wanted to join in. However, the Walrusk is not particularly hairy, so it had to grow its teeth instead. I wonder why they didn't continue to follow fashion - would have been nice to see the Walrusk version of the Afro in the 70's."

Trick Requirements

  • Eating a Bullrush seed makes them perform Trick 1
  • Eating a Watercress seed makes them perform Trick 2

Species Variants

Happiness Tips

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